Simple path to fitness with minor tweaks in lifestyle without strenuous workouts


Everyone wants to stay fit look fit now a days. But that does not compel one to spend lots of time at the gym doing endless crunches and lifting heavy weight. If you are the kind of person who is not a gym addict but wants to stay fit this article is for you to read.

Fortunately a workout is not the only mantra for fitness. Past generations, had maintained a slim figure, had lasting muscle and stamina, lived healthy, past 90 and remained active till their last days - before gyms were invented!

Many studies show that fifty+ who were fit had a significantly reduced risk of various diseases which left most sufferers crippled, including stroke, Alzheimer's disease, heart and kidney disease, and various cancers, those people knew this mantra-

Start with a good diet: There are countless articles online about what makes a good diet, but it's really simple. Eat healthy, fresh, balanced diet and in moderation. For a proper well balanced healthy diet plan, customized to suit your goal, consult Dr. Yogitaa at Shape and Strength. A proper diet plan can make a huge difference.

Drink enough water: It is one invariable mantra for good health and looks. Adequate quantity of water is essential.

Start moving more: If you're too lazy to work out, start by including more movement into your daily activities. Our ancestors hardly sat around! Washing and cleaning household areas and articles are good activities, bringing your groceries and going to the market, cleaning and organizing your cupboards & cabinets, mending and maintaining your garden, cleaning your kitchen sink and counters, walking or taking a stroll while chit chatting with your friends.

If you like TV, simply make it a rule to walk around the room, stretch out during the advertisements. Get off the elevator early and take the stairs for last 2 floors. Park your car a block away. Walk your children to and from school or bus stop- just be! active. Being active will help significantly.

But when you are ready for more structured exercise, start a few basic exercises at a time. Later you can work up to a low-medium intensity exercise at 15-minutes three times a week. Regularity is important. Consult us at Shape and Strength for inputs to arrange a very simple but effective exercise plan to suit your needs.

So take care and start moving. Watch what you eat, how much you eat, when and why you sit and take tiny steps to build active habits. Before you grow tired of it you'll be on the lazy person's road to fitness!

Souvik Ghosal