Soya (healing food )

Key nutrients B vitamins,protein,zinc,potassium,iron

Soy is one of the nutritious plant food and the only legume that provides complete

protein.All soy foods - from miso to tofu to edamame ( green soybeans )- come from soybeans.

Healing powers

Just a cup of boiled soybeans provides up to 6 g of fibre.It is also a great source of complete protein.

Soy helps in:

1} Reducing Hot flushes

2} Block certain hormone - related cancers,including breast and prostate cancer.

3}To help lower blood pressure and stave off bone loss.

4} Soy foods may reduce your risk of heart dieseases.

Healthy hint

Unprocessed soy foods,such as tofu,soy nuts and milk retain more isoflavones than processed soy products(soya bacon and soya sausages) Clever ideas to use soya

1} Tofu is great at absorbing flavours from other foods.Marinate it with crushed garlic or soy sauce before adding to stir-fries.

2} Unsalted soy nuts make great snacks,and you can toss them into salads instead of croutons,for extra crunch.

3] Soft, or silken,tofu can be used as a healthy low fat alternative to cream cheese.

Manish Mandhyan