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Shape and Strength workouts are targeted to achieve individualized goals and can be customized. These are fun, designed to reduce monotony and assited with proper inputs and body conditioning.

**Pre workout/yoga advise is provided along with discountinuation tips.



As one of the well-known, unisex fitness centers in South Kolkata, Shape and Strength was born out of the vision to provide one stop solution for people suffering from joint pains and muscle aches. Moreover our center is a well known, reliable physiotherapy center in Kolkata. At Shape and Strength our experienced and certified trainers use corrective techniques to strengthen your weaknesses and alleviate pain . At the same time they keep your medical background in mind and also keep you injury free. Our custom workouts are specially designed to meet your individual fitness goals.

In most of the gymnasiums, hardcore fitness equipment are used as the primary option. But at Shape and Strength’s exercise program one can opt for combination of yoga, cardio and strength training, six days a week. As a part of our fitness programs at our gym/ weight loss center, we regularly measure the fitness parameters of our clients to monitor the inch loss. At our center our clients can try combination programs, cardio & other strength training regime irrespective of their age, gender, flexibility or fitness level.


Shape and Strength’s founder Dr. Yogitaa Mandhayaan believes, expert care has to be accompanied by congenial environment, right techniques & equipment and most of all the presence of the expert hence we insist on physiotherapy only at our clinic. Equipment & sometimes alternate therapies also play a significant role in complete eradication of a problem which is why some of them are included our services. Choose Shape and Strength for targeted workouts.