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Physiotherapy expert, dietitian & founder
Shape and Strength

Shape and Strength’s founder
Dr. Yogitaa Mandhayaan believes, expert care has to be accompanied
by congenial environment, right techniques & equipment and most of
all the presence of the expert hence we insist on physiotherapy only at our clinic.

Dr. Yogitaa Mandhyaan, BPth, DNHE - Experienced Physiotherapist, Dietitian & founder/curator of
Shape & Strength

Dr. Yogitaa Mandhyaan is the founder/curator of Shape and Strength. A lady physiotherapist and nutritionist with more than 14 years of experience, she is also certified in alternative therapies like Kinesiology, Cupping and Dry Needling.

Shape and Strength - South Kolkata’s most reliable physiotherapy center, gym and yoga facility.

Dr. Yogitaa Mandhyaan, experienced Diet & Nutrition consultant in South Kolkata and female physiotherapist, has helped number of patients with severe nutrition related complications, regain healthy shape through proper assessment & diet charts which is an essential part of any fitness regime. At Shape and Strength, South Kolkata’s reliable physiotherapy & diet consultancy clinic, Dr. Yogitaa makes it a point to nourish one’s taste buds along with essential diet at the same time.

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Dr. Yogitaa Mandhyaan is a qualified nutritionist and female physiotherapist in Kolkata with more than 14 years of experience. She has vast experience of counseling & diagnosing people who want to lose weight and have other associated problems.

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One of the well-known fitness center in Kolkata, Shape and Strength was born out of the vision to provide a one stop solution for people suffering from joint pains due to weight issues. Moreover our center is also much known as a physiotherapy center in Kolkata. At Shape and Strength our experienced and certified physiotherapist use corrective techniques to strengthen your weaknesses. At the same time they keep your medical background in mind and also keep you injury free. Our custom workouts are specially designed to meet your individual fitness goals.

Being a weight loss center in Kolkata, we emphasize movement, full-body involvement and correct form for optimal results. We offer complete nutrition guidance as per the requirements and goals of each client. To put it briefly we always try to give our client a better lifestyle.

Shape and Strength offers effective fitness programs to its clients of all age groups and different backgrounds. In our center we render a very lively experience to our clients with several competitions, workshops and interesting games around the year.

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